Welcome to the Software College of Henan University

Overview of our College

The school of software of Henan University was founded in 2005, and the Pilot schools of software in Henan province. There are three undergraduate programs, i.e., Software Engineering, Network Engineering, and Data Science Big Data Technology. In 2014, the Professional Master's Degree program, i.e., Software Engineering, was approved by Ministry of Education. Now the school of software has “Modern Network Technology Experimental Teaching Demonstration Center in Henan province”, "Intelligent Network System Research Institute", and was awarded as "Civilized Unit of Henan University" for many years. At present, the school has 67 teachers and 29 administrative staff, including 35 professors and associate professors, 32 lecturers and 16 doctors. In addition, 66 teachers (not involved the school) from the enterprises are in charge of this program’s teaching management and student management. Their responsibility is to educate the students on technical ability and quality. Currently there are 3292 undergraduates and 31 Master degree candidates in the school. They can apply various kinds of scholarships. So far, altogether 5000 students have graduated, which demonstrates some excellent features, i.e., high employment rate, high quality of employment and high average salary etc.